Wednesday, November 22, 2006


And we are back to my favorite topic. Relationships.

Is it wrong to cheat on your partner? Sure its immoral but then I'm not a great believer in morality.

According to I there are two kinds of cheats.

The one's I'll talk about are those who are forced into a corner. What did I say? Yup I said people who are forced to do it.
Lets talk about a guy A. I am going to give you his perspective. And his perspective alone. Women you are free to call me an MCP but then we are all bigots in one sense or another. A is in an extremely unhappy relationship. His partner B has not met him for a long time. The only reason she calls is to crib about her life, her career, her relationship. And she refuses to have sex whenever he wants to? So Mr.A joins a new organisation. Makes a new bunch of 'friends'. One of whom is Ms.C. Mr.A and Ms.C get along fantastically well. A thinks of C as a friend. They chat on the phone all night long.

Ms.C offers a very indecent proposal. A night of sex no strings attached. And she is quite a woman. An amazing body. Not someone A would refuse IF he was single. But he is not. So he refuses her. They are still working in the same place.A few days later Mr.A calls up his partner. Asks her to come on over. She refuses. C is still around, waiting in the wings. The inevitale happens. It begins with a hug and kiss in an elevator. And ends with both of them in bed.

Over here let me say a Man is a Man. We were born to spread the seed. An we find it very difficult to turn down attractive women for sex. Even if we are seeing someone.

So why did A do it?

For the pleasure of sex.
To give a boost to himself that he is wanted.
Finally to let his partner know that if the store is always closed people will change where they shop.

So where do you think A,B and C go from here. A still loves B. He dumps C. Leaves her in tears. C confesses to A that she was trying to seduce him from a long time. He cuts her off completely.

Then a long time later the truth is out. There is a huge argument. Eventually A and B decide to remain together. Because B cannot leave A. Only because of that.

C occasionally emails A. Tells him that she wants to recreate that evening once more. A refuses. He continues to refuse till today...Even though things are not hunky dory.



How many people in life do you trust?
Trust them enough to tell them that your life has no meaning? How many friends do you have? Am I talking about people who you can share your life's experinces? No. I'm talking about the people who really know you. Inside out. They know that you are in a rut. That you feel like a misfit.

That brings me to another question. Should you settle in life when it comes to friends? Share your life with people you feel no connection with, or who you think are dumb enough to be in 6th grade? Or people who thing they are 'Awesome' but are actually plain stupid? What should you do if you go into an organisation and you are faced with all of these? Should you try to gel in or avoid them?

The Deal

Should you stay in a relationship even if there is no love? Actually the answer is irrelevant. The question is why should you stay in such a relationship.
I believe everything in life has a give and take. A Deal. So whats the deal in this affair?
Is it the fact that you hate change?
Or is it that you are too scared to cut off the chain which chokes you....because it is the only connection you have with some one in life?
And should you dump a person when they are at the lowest? Surely its not your issue if their life sucks.
Or is this true love, when you stay together even though you know you get nothing in
And how should you treat the person? With respect...hah. That definitely doesn't happen. So is it wrong to be with a person and be disrespectful...abusive...dissatisfied, simply because you are not happy?


First Post

All the good things in life.......will come to an end one day. This blog is negative. Period.
If you want to read something positive, you come to the wrong place baby. But I hope to keep this readable as far as possible. My purpose is to ask myself questions which I'm afraid to answer. If anything on this page offends you please feel free to check out.